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Connecticut Energy Audit

September 26, 2011


Home Energy Solutions, is a program that empowers anyone with a residential electric bill to get nearly $1000 of testing and air sealing done for only $75. Schedule yours today!

Other programs available for business and municipal.

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Attention Auditors Connecticut home owners, tenants, business owners, municipalities, & not for profit organizations can all benefit from energy audits. was designed to help educate those individuals.

Here you will find information on CT Energy Audits. There are many different programs available and we will do our best to keep you informed of all of your options. The site is brand new and we will be adding lots more content so come back often. You can schedule an audit for any town in CT from this site and be assured that the contractors are BPI certified. To protect yourself always view the testing gauge before and after to visually see the results yourself.

NEW: Learn about the most cost effective heating and cooling systems available.

BIOS Energy Systems, a division of the Bios Organization markets energy audits for several quality contractors in CT and yes we have come across audits that have not been done properly. We are here to help you through the entire process of becoming energy independent. BIOS Energy Systems is a full service energy company in CT. BIOS markets Fuel, Electricity, Energy Audits, Energy Efficient Home Improvements, Alternative Energy, Heating, Cooling, Power & Co-generation Systems, Backup Power. We can guide you through the entire process of becoming energy independent.

If you plan on having insulation upgraded in your existing walls, be sure to have a thermal scan done. This scan can show you where insulation is need, see the example below.

Schedule An Audit Today!

via Connecticut Energy Audit.


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