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October 22, 2011

Sex in advertising

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Sex in advertising or sex sells is the use of sexual or erotic imagery (also called “sex appeal”) in advertising to draw interest to a particular product, for purpose of sale. A feature of sex in advertising is that the imagery used, such as that of a pretty woman, typically has no connection to the product being advertised. The purpose of the imagery is to attract the attention of the potential customer or user. The type of imagery that may be used is very broad, and would include nudity, cheesecake, and beefcake, even if it is often only suggestively sexual.



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[edit] History

Images of pretty women often appear in ads even without connection to the product being sold. This provocatively clad woman lends “sex appeal” to a 1921 ad for tire valve caps

Ivory Soap ads in World War I show sailors bathing on deck, possibly conveying homosexual undertones

Sex has been utilized in advertising since its beginning. The earliest forms are wood carvings and illustrations of attractive women (often unclothed from the waist up) adorned posters, signs, and ads for saloons, tonics, and tobacco. In several notable cases, sex in advertising has%2

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