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25 Facebook Advertising Tips | Facebook Tips and Tricks – FacebookFlow

October 23, 2011

By: Garin Kilpatrick

Facebook offers a powerful platform for creating ads that you can target at very specific demographics. The targeting options with Facebook are vast. People share all kinds of information with Facebook about what they like and who they are, and you can use this information to target your ads at your ideal prospect.

But who is your ideal prospect? Facebook ads are a great way to figure this out. Create many different ads targeted at many different demographic and interest groups and then watch them closely. Track everything. Keep the winning ads, drop the losers, then rince and repeat.

Below you will find 26 Facebook Advertising Tips that will help you:

Get a Better Understanding of Facebook Ads

Save Money by Getting a Cheaper Cost Per Click

Get More Clicks from your Facebook Advertising

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1. Split Test Your Ads

Split testing is the secret to sucessful Facebook advertising. Split testing is when you create split (multiple) versions of the same ad, but change one variable. By testing different variables, like the picture, headline, and body text, you can discover which variables will deliver the most clicks.

2. Bookmark The Ad Help Center

Here is the Facebook Ad Help Center to check out if you want answers from Facebook directly.

3. Drive Traffic to a “Reveal Tab”

Driving fans to a page that contains a “Reveal Tab” hiding exclusive Fan content is the most effective way to convert visitors to fans.

4. Include an Email Capture form on Your Fan Page

Capture the email address of the lead to your website and then follow up with them using an autoresponder email system such as Aweber.

5. Advertise a Page Within Facebook

By advertising a page within Facebook you give people the ability to “Like” your page (Or RSVP to your event) without ever clicking on your ad.

Advertising that contains Facebook features like the “Like” button is larger than other advertising and certainly attracts more attention and drives a better CTR than an ad without these features.

6. Strive to Get The Best CTR Possible

The higher your CTR (Click though rate) is, the lower your CPC (cost per click) will be.

Test several different images to see which one works the best.

Try targeting your different ad images to different demographic groups to find the group that clicks through the most.

7. Target Friends of Connections

Use peer pressure to your advantage.

When an ad shows the viewer that one of their friends has already “Liked” the ad, this increases the chance the viewer will click it.

8. Use Coupons on Your Landing Page

Coupons will help sell your product. The more product you sell, the more advertising you can afford to do.

9. Offer a Free Gift


via 25 Facebook Advertising Tips | Facebook Tips and Tricks – FacebookFlow.


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