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Successful Restaurant Marketing Through Social Media

October 26, 2011


Let this serve as a warning regarding the changing climate of our business (and please don’t shoot the messenger). Social networking as a medium for spreading the message of your business is here to stay. It has pervaded many industries, and it is in the process of doing so for the restaurant business. There are only two reasons that more restaurants don’t use online social networks to advertise: there is not enough time in the day, and some restaurant operators are, how shall we say, slightly stuck in their ways. However, the chance exists that those restaurants who fail to embrace marketing through social media in the coming years will be left behind.

For a new restaurant looking to establish a regular clientele and to reach out to first-time diners, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and the countless other popular sites offer a great and easy way to reach guests. On top of that, the various hospitality-oriented services like OpenTable and FohBoh let your guests look for updates and specials, make reservations and read about recent events. They’re too easy for your guests to use and too accessible for operators to avoid. They offer the advantage of letting guests sign up to be “friends” or add themselves to e-mail lists that gain%2

via Successful Restaurant Marketing Through Social Media.

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