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Why CM for NPOs – Cause Marketing Forum

October 28, 2011


In today’s challenging economic environment, nonprofit leaders recognize the need to diversify funding sources and develop business alliances that enable them to more effectively and efficiently accomplish their missions.


Cause marketing partnerships can help accomplish both of those objectives. The many benefits of cause marketing for nonprofit organizations include:

Increased revenue

Enhanced visibility of the cause or the nonprofit’s message

Increased volunteer pool

Access to new audiences

Connections to the corporation’s network of employees, suppliers, distributors, and other contacts

Expertise in marketing, strategy development, and other corporate experience


According to Cone’s 2010 Nonprofit Marketing Trend Tracker,

More than three-quarters (78%) of Americans believe a partnership between a nonprofit and a company they trust makes a cause stand out. When the cause breaks through, consumers are more likely to feel positively about the nonprofit (56%) and actively support it. As a result of nonprofit-corporate partnerships:

50% are more likely to donate to the nonprofit

49% are more likely to participate in an event for the nonprofit and

41% are more likely to volunteer for the nonprofit.


The IEG Sponsorship Report predicts that cause marketing will be the fastest growing category of sponsorship spending in 2010, and projects that corporate cause sponsorship will rise 6.1% to hit $1.61 billion in 2010.


Cause marketing is certainly not for every organization. Even for those nonprofit organizations that put significant emphasis on cause marketing, it is typically not the primary source of funding. Organizations for whom cause marketing is a fit and are willing to take it seriously can generate substantial revenue and other valuable resources through their cause marketing partnerships. The Cause Marketing Forum is here to support you as you undertake your cause campaigns – join us at an upcoming event or as a member!

via Why CM for NPOs – Cause Marketing Forum.

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