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The Green Marketing Company: What We Do

November 3, 2011


Creation: We build high traffic, highly persuasive online suites that combine web, blog and social media sites.

Maintenance & Upgrades: We provide creative writing, SEO updates, marketing/sales consultation and photography.

My name is Steve Schappert and I founded The Green Marketing Company on August 15th. of 2011. The concept was a fusion of my passion for all things green and my lifetime of sales and marketing. I build affordable yet highly powerful online marketing packages that can turn small to medium sized businesses around even in a very difficult market. Included in the package is a custom, search engine optimized website, a WordPress blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, point of sale display, and 1 hour consultation all for $150. This package is so popular we operate a separate website called Advertising Online to promote it. Once the main suite is created additional services are available to jump start your business and let you focus on the core of your operations. But wait theres more… I was just approved as a GOOGLE ad agency so you get the website, email, blog, Facebook, Twitter and $105 of GOOGLE advertising all for $150…Honestly how can you loose!

Go ahead and click the contact button. this deal is only good till the end of October! Get details on package My competition is laughing at me but thats OK, I have heard it before, and there is a method to my madness. I have been self employed since I was 12, I created the first website for my hometown, Brookfield, CT back in 1996, then the site for the library, the elementary school, Candlewood Lake Authority, Housatonic Valley Council of Elected Officials and finally my real estate business and 486 other sites relevant to my businesses. All of my income for the last 15 years has come from the web or a referral, because my sites typically sat at the top of GOOGLE for years. My real estate business supplied 550 leads a month to a network of 2000 agents nationwide. My building business shipped a home from upstate NY to Germany, because we were on the top of GOOGLE. Being on the top of GOOGLE helps when the media want to do a story on your industry. Having Womans Day Magazine recommend my business to 30 million readers didnt hurt. I have been interviewed by ABC, NBC, CNN all because of Facebook or my websites.

What happened?  Everything was wonderful 3 yeas ago I was building my 15,000 sf home and office when the market crashed and my investor left me with $142.  Marketing was always my stength but I only spent 5% of my time doing it, and 95% on operations.  Since I have to recreate myself I am going to spend 100% of my time doing marketing.  Down side to working for yourself forever and opening a maketing business… no referrals, I was the marketer and the client.  I am spending my first month putting together my happy client list with raving testimonials, it seems to be a great place to start, and yes the prices will be going up at the end of the month.

Over the course of a lifetime in sales I have developed 2 major strengths, coding websites and passionate, persuasive writing.  I can help you get noticed and close the deal.

Getting you noticed: Please excuse the mess, the site is still rapidly evolving, as we recruit partners; however, the current outline already out-ranks about 41,800,000 websites that are competing for the first page on GOOGLE  for the term “Green Marketing”.  Within 10 days of registering the site we had two links on the first page of GOOGLE and made the cut for the first page on BING and YAHOO, competing against 230,000,000 websites.  The term “Green Marketing” has me competing against almost every other marketing company in the world and I jumped in front within 10 days…almost unheard of, so I guess I know what i am doing.  I Can Get You Noticed! 

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Closing the deal: 

Getting your website ranked is just the start, in order to get the leads rolling in there needs to be a persuasive message. In my book, emotional direct response advertising is all that matters and all I would ever spend money on.  I had a painting business in  a previous life, I spent $4500 a month in news paper advertising which generated an average of $60,000 per month in business, yes I painted over 800 homes in 6 years and I can say I definitely don’t miss those days. I was able to spend $4500 a month because I tested and knew what the results would be.  Don’t fall for adage, spend till it hurts, and the money will come back to you someday.  Test it, track it, analyze and keep doing what works, loose what doesn’t.  In 2008 I was ranked as the #8 amateur poet in the world for my poem , “Mother and Son”. This means I had a decision to make, die poor as a poet, or focus on emotional direct response advertising.  I live and write with pasion and I have developed a long track record of getting people to click on the contact button!

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