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Green Marketing Strategy

November 11, 2011

Create an Effective Green Marketing Strategy

Choosing the right green marketing strategy begins with reaching Behavioral Greens, the approximately 62 million Americans who think and act “Green,” hold negative attitudes toward products that pollute, incorporate Green practices regularly and include Green as one of their purchasing criteria. A portion of purchases typically go to environmental causes, and they are likely to buy from an ecofriendly company.

Behavioral Greens tend to be optimistic and have traditional values. They are concerned for their own health while balancing career and personal interests. Family is important to them, but their children are out of the house so they focus on relaxing and maintaining healthy living. Some Behavioral Greens are entering retirement and enjoying a new chapter in life.

Segment Snapshot

Mature adults and retirees

College graduate or higher degree

Above-average income

Typically own their homes


Shopping Behavior – brand loyalists, knowledgeable consumers and approval seekers

Leisure – yoga, tennis, skin diving, snorkeling, backpacking, hiking, museums and traveling

Geography – Northeast, New England, New York Metro, Greater Los Angeles and Mid-Atlantic

The chart below shows that among U.S. adults over the past four years, the number of Behavioral Greens has increased and now represents 31 percent of the total population.

When you can categorize consumers by their degree of Green activity, your Green marketing strategy will thrive.

What Behavioral Green consumers believe

There are not enough ecofriendly products available

It is important to be seen as environmentally conscious

Companies should help consumers become more environmentally responsible

How to reach them – This group tends to be more receptive to traditional advertising than any of the other GreenAwareSM segments. Behavioral Greens maintain that they remember ads when shopping, that advertising can help them learn about available products and that they expect advertising to be interesting.

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