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How Green are Your Promotional Products? – Green Marketing TV

November 11, 2011

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How Green are Your Promotional Products?

Posted on Thursday, November 10, 2011 By Green Marketing TV


As a green business owner or sustainable brand, having a greener trade show may be high on your priority list. From generating less trash, to giving away greener swag, there are many ways to lighten your trade show eco footprint.

The promotional gifts industry has been awash with so called “green” promotional products over the last few years, with a large section of this huge industry being dedicated to items that claim to be kinder to the environment. While this sounds great in theory, what is the reality behind the eco-friendly credentials of these items and how might they benefit, as well as damage, the marketing ambitions of well-meaning companies?

A disclaimer, as a marketer working for The Promotional Gifts Company in the UK, I represent one of those companies that offer eco-friendly promotional products. What follows is not a sales pitch to convince you of the virtues of these items but hopefully the start of a debate into the true sustainability of marketing products in general, and whether in fact any disposable commodities can ever truly be labelled as “eco-friendly”.

Take a Look Around

Take a brief moment to look up from this article and have a scan around your office. Whether you’re working from home or in an open plan setting, chances are there will be branded promotional products in your eye line. From pens to calendars, coasters to mugs, the modern workplace is full of branded goods from suppliers and clients that are emblazoned with the company logo.

Now times the number of promotional items in your office by the number of offices in the world and you have a staggering amount of these products that are adorning the desks and walls of companies around the globe.

The promotional products industry is responsible for a huge amount of the goods that are manufactured, distributed, used and disposed of every year and so on the face of it, coming up with an environmentally friendly solution is a great idea. But when you are shopping for promotional products, it is worth reading the small print to see if these items truly match up to your green credentials.

Reusable, Recycled, Recyclable, Bio-degradable……

The list of credentials required for a product to be considered “environmentally friendly” seems quite open to interpretation. Just because a product can be reused, does it necessarily make it kinder to the planet? When browsing the eco-friendly section of your favourite promotional products website (it’s cool if it’s not mine, honest….), check the small print to see what actually makes that product “eco-friendly”.

via How Green are Your Promotional Products? – Green Marketing TV.

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  1. November 16, 2011 4:08 pm

    Reusable, Recycled, Recyclable, Bio-degradable……Dam near our company motto. Thank you for this post. It’s hard to to find true “Green Products” in today’s market. Wiht big corporations “Green Washing” their product to advance corporate greed, it’s nice to have a place that showcases truly “Green Products”. Hats off to Green Marketing TV!

  2. November 24, 2011 12:38 pm

    Good find. I’m very concerned about the environment. I even own a bag company that offers a(n) alternative to plastic bags. It’s a type of shopper bag called 4R Planet Products. They’re good for the planet because they help you avoid plastic bags which cause harm to the environment.

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