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November 26, 2011

Accounting and Accountants

The Green Marketing Company is building an international network of accountants and teaming up up with Intuit to provide accounting software to small and medium sized businesses. In the weeks to come Accounting-Accountants will develop its own identity, and we will create pages for every country in the world and then break it down by state and town.

Contact us today to reserve your spot today. Marketing 101: Be where your customer is looking. There are 11,100,000 global searches for the term “Accounting” and 5,000,000 global searches each month for “accountant”. When a search engine sees a hyphen it searches both terms and the combined phrase. We will be developing as our directory for our accounting partners.

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Your business is your baby…we understand completely.

The Green Marketing Company believes that successful businesses are built and maintained by focusing on activities that generate revenue. Our mission is to enable our clients to focus on those activities by providing them with a full-service outsourced online accounting department to handle everything from daily bookkeeping tasks to weekly, monthly and annual financial reporting. We then integrate the marketing and accounting services to give you advanced reporting capabilities so you can make the best decisions possible regarding the growth and development of your business.

Accounting is an extremely important ingredient in the marketing mix. Without accountability your seemingly successful business can plow into a wall at light speed. We help you keep it simple. Test your price, product, place and promotion, analyze the results and adjust accordingly. When your marketing and accounting go hand in hand your chances for success dramatically increase.

The Green Marketing Company is an approved Intuit Service Provider. We are teaming up with QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisors through out the world to assist our clients in analyzing their business growth in order to maintain control while expanding. Intuit is the Leader in Small business accounting, online accounting, business accounting and accounting software.

A certified QuickBooks Enterprise Solution Provider can:

  • Identify processes that can simplify operations with flexible reporting, batch invoicing, and expanded user controls
  • Provide consultation services to analyze your needs for advanced inventory capabilities and productivity tools that improve functionality of small business accounting.
  • Lower your total cost of ownership by diagnosing your requirements for expanded functionality that lets you save time and stay more organized with scalability to support up to 30 simultaneous users and track hundreds of thousands of customers, vendors, and inventory items – more than six times the capacity of any other QuickBooks product Learn More

A certified Retail Solution Provider can help you:

  • Lower your total cost of ownership – diagnosing your requirements for easy access to data, in-store and mobile credit card management, and integrated reporting tools
  • Identify and purchase the right Intuit retail solution to simplify your small business accounting and operations
  • Install, set up, and configure your Intuit software plus other hardware
  • Train your users and speed implementation time by integrating online accounting and other cutting edge techniques.
  • Migrate your existing business data and integrate your new online accounting solution
  • Provide ongoing support

Learn More

A Solution Provider can help you:

  • Identify the value and cost savings available from Intuit’s small business accounting and Payroll solutions
  • Demonstrate the increased efficiencies realized from seamless integration with QuickBooks, tax filings, and payments
  • Lower your risks with Intuit’s no penalties guarantee
  • Train your users on how to take advantage of improved reporting and automatic updates to accounting information

Learn More

Solution Providers can help you increase profits and improve cash flow.

Contact The Green Marketing Company Today

via Accounting-Accountants.


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