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The Green Marketing Company: A Social Business Enterprise

November 26, 2011

The Green Marketing Company: A Social Business Enterprise. The Green Marketing company, a division of The BIOS Organization LLC is  a social, mission driven organization dedicated to promoting all that is green, healthy, holistic, organic, sustainable and energy efficient. Our goal is to accomplish missions that are environmentally, socially and financially beneficial. Rather than maximizing shareholder profits, the main aim of BIOS is to generate profit to further our social and or environmental goals. This provides consistent returns and increased brand loyalty by building deep bonds of trust and respect from customers, employees, investors and suppliers. The profit from BIOS will be used to support social programs such as affordable housing, organic farming, alternative energy, education and research, to name a few. We are currently searching for office space in the greater New Milford area of Connecticut.

Our corporate headquarters a 15,000 sf green living expo & conference center called, The BIOS Center  lost its financing back on 2008.  At that time our main source of income was real estate development.  We closed the construction loan for a $3.6 million project, had approval for another 9 million, and letter of intent for a $69 million project.  Total of all projects on the drawing board was $1.3 billion.    Our short term goal is to reestablish a baseline income for the organization and get The BIOS Center back on track.

via The Green Marketing Company: About US.


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