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How to Get Heaps of Hungry Clients using Emotional Direct Response Marketing | Mal Emery – The Millionaire Maker

November 27, 2011

How to Get Heaps of Hungry Clients

Here I’m going to analyze advertising mistakes that I believe 98% of all business owners are making so you can understand and avoid the same pitfalls.

In short, my “Rebellious Rant” contains practical explanations of what and how you need to build your business through more profitable sales.

I know you don’t need a bunch of theory. What you do need are marketing tools that work… and that’s what you’ll find in the following information.

Marketing’s biggest task is to persuade prospects to visit you online or off so you can present your offer. When you do this right, your customers come to your business and give you their money without a lot of selling.

That is the very essence of marketing.

So… How do you define marketing? Marketing is the process of making your prospect favorably inclined to making a purchase from you without you having to rely on the dreaded hard-sell.

That’s why I choose to write mainly about marketing, not selling. If you do the marketing right, you can leave the hard-sell to the late-night infomercial producers. Besides, no on likes to be hard sold.

I read that the typical prospect shops at an average of three different businesses before they make a decision to buy. That means, on the average, you have only a 33% chance of landing a customer once they walk into your business.

But the secret is, to not just have an average business… but to build an EXTRAORDINARY one.

If you’re only converting 33% of the customers that come through your door, you need my help.

Because if you’ve done your marketing right, 80% of the serious buyers that contact your business should buy from you.

Take a moment and imagine what it will mean to your bottom line if you more than double, nearly triple the number of sales you make…

It’s not only possible but also likely if you follow my advice.

Direct Marketing Concepts

I base my marketing on what’s called direct marketing concepts. This may alarm you if you’re an online marketer, but it shouldn’t.

There’s a difference between direct marketing and direct mail. Direct marketing has to do with the techniques, not the delivery method.

Direct mail is simply a sub-set of direct marketing.

Don’t Reinvent the Marketing Wheel…

Direct marketing ideas have been tested and proven to work over a long period of time. They are concepts that have been around since the 1800′s and are still being used today by very savvy and wealthy marketers.

Direct marketing’s birth occurred as early as the late 1800′s. A man by the name of A. Montgomery Ward made a small investment and rented space on an 8 x 12 printed sheet – this was the first Montgomery Ward “catalogue.”

Sears & Roebuck followed suit with their direct mail catalogue. Today there are thousands of specialty mail order houses around the country.

Direct marketing has expanded to include direct mail, mail order, telemarketing, radio, newspaper, television, and the Internet. All are involved in direct marketing.

The key ingredient with direct marketing is the direct response tool and emotion. Here direct response marketing takes a dramatic turn away from traditional marketing and traditional advertising.

Direct marketing calls for some type of action to be taken by the prospect. (ACTION here being the key).

The prospect in some way will have to do something – request more information or place an order immediately.

Have you noticed all of those infomercials on TV? This is all emotional direct response marketing. They are trying to get you to take some kind of action today, this minute, right NOW!

Institutional advertising is just the opposite. The prospect isn’t asked to do anything. Of course, the advertiser hopes they will… but they don’t ask.

That’s why I refer to business owners and “advertisingvictims”. Basically they might as well flush their money down a toilet.

Watch the ads on TV – most of the time you don’t even know what the ad is about until it’s over. Sometimes you have to watch it a few times to figure it out!

Only this week a new client showed me a TV commercial that cost him $30,000 with literally ZERO response. The cost of ignorance is always more than the cost of education…

Look in your newspaper, your local community paper, look at ads in magazines – most of these are institutional advertisements. There is no call to action and usually no compelling reason to do business with the advertiser.

Now look at your own ads. If you’re new to this then I’ll bet they’re institutional…and I bet they aren’t working
for you.

Well even if they are working, they’re probably working in spite of you anyway…

Big companies with big ad budgets can afford to run these types of ads, and in some cases this may make sense.

However, if you are running a small business it’s not an option to copy these big companies. But what you can do is focus on direct marketing methods in your advertising because you need an immediate response!

If your advertising and marketing does not have some kind of call to action in it, you have failed before you started.

In my next Rant I’m going to reveal…

8 Tips For Capturing Contact Information

So keep an eye on your inbox for it!

All the Best,

Mal Emery

via How to Get Heaps of Hungry Clients using Emotional Direct Response Marketing | Mal Emery – The Millionaire Maker.

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  1. December 12, 2011 12:03 am

    Nice blog with informative tips for direct mailing, Can you please update with the details of company who are providing these services!


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