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November 27, 2011


The Green Marketing Company is poised for rapid expansion. We will be partnering with small and medium sized print shops around the world.

In a nutshell:

Each town or city we expand into we will team up with a print shop that will service all of our clients print needs

We will build your online store and you will add our brick and mortar.

We will be building a network that covers every country in the world

We will service their clients online needs

We will hire local sales reps in each area to promote a full line of marketing services

We will help educate local print shops about promoting eco – friendly print services

We will help local print shops save money by becoming more sustainable.

In order to promote this end of the business we have registered The hyphens tell the search engines to search the individual words and the combined phrase. Local searches on GOOGLE alone for “print it” is around 20,400,000 and local searches for green is around 37,400,000. We will build the site and they will come and you can get in on the business on the ground floor at no cost for a very limited time. We will be signing up 10 local pint shops in the next 2 months. We hope you will join us!

*11-1-2011 More info coming soon, we hope to finalize our first deal within the next week or two and open a total of ten by 2012.

We are located in Brookfield CT and we highly recommend Integrity Printing!



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