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Steve Schappert, Founder, The Green Marketing Company

November 27, 2011

You'll stand out in the crowd if your the one dancing in the rain!

Steve Schappert

Environmental Consultant & Marketing Guru

Hi, my name is Steve Schappert and I founded The Green Marketing Company on August 15th. of 2011. The concept was a fusion of my passion for all things green and my lifetime of sales and marketing experience.

My competition is laughing at me but that’s OK, I have heard it before, and there is a method to my madness. I have been self employed since I was 12, I created the first website for my hometown, Brookfield, CT back in 1996, then the site for the library, the elementary school, Candlewood Lake Authority, Housatonic Valley Council of Elected Officials and finally my real estate business and 486 other sites relevant to my businesses. All of my income for the last 15 years has come from the web or a referral, because my sites typically sat at the top of GOOGLE for years. My real estate business supplied 550 leads a month to a network of 2000 agents nationwide. My building business shipped a home from upstate NY to Germany, because we were on the top of GOOGLE. Being on the top of GOOGLE helps when the media wants to do a story on your industry. Having Woman’s Day Magazine recommend my real estate business to 30 million readers didn’t hurt. We recieved leads from the article for 6 years because of the magazines shelf life. I have been interviewed by ABC, NBC, and CNN all because of Facebook or my websites.

What happened? Everything was wonderful 3 yeas ago I was building my 15,000 sf home and office when the market crashed and my investor left me with $142. Marketing was always my stength but I only spent 5% of my time doing it, and 95% on operations. Since I have to recreate myself I am going to spend 100% of my time doing what I love and excell at…marketing. Down side to working for yourself forever and opening a marketing business… no referrals, I was the marketer and the client. I am spending my first month putting together my happy client list with raving testimonials, it seems to be a great place to start, and yes the prices will be going up at the end of the month. I have combined my passion for all things green with my natural marketing instinct to create The Green Marketing Company. The Green Marketing Company is a full service marketing, sales and advertising firm.

I understand what it is like to work with a tight budget. I started the Green Marketing Company with my last 20 bucks. I registered for 99 cents, printed 10 black and white fliers, walked to 10 businesses and got my first sale. Ten days later the website out ranked 230,500,000 other pages relevant to green marketing and landed on the first page of three major search engines. That was the day I realized I could compete as a world class advertising agency.


Over the years media sources have relied on Schappert when looking for a real estate or green building expert.  These days Schappert is asked to speak about all things green.  In March of this year Schappert provided a four hour presentation at the Yale Peabody Museum to a Masters class in science education, the music video is linked below. Schappert has been recognized nationally for his expertise as a broker, contractor and green expert.   Banks, real estate companies and homeowners in New York, Connecticut and Arizona have relied on his skill in evaluating homes and making cost effective improvements to maximize profits.  Schappert has shipped energy efficient homes as far as Germany!  Last summer Schappert toured the country in a hydrogen  hybrid 72′ convertible Mustang and was interviewed by ABC, NBC and CNN radio to mention a few.

Schappert had focused Panelized Building Systems and Bios Building Technologies on energy efficient and energy independent construction for both remodeling and new construction projects. Utilizing state of the art geothermal and photovoltaic technology, Schappert hoped to take a leading position in the advancement of Energy Independent Building (buildings that produce  more power than they use)! To accomplish this Schappert had developed his own trademarked product line, called BIOSThe “BIOS” concept in its most basic form is simply, “do well by doing good”, a simple philosophy that could save the environment and boost the economy.   Schappert says, “There are no delusions, it is a lifetime of work for many people. A lifetime dedicated to leaving the world a better place for the next seven generations. It’s about people caring enough to get involved, roll up their sleeves and taking ownership in a cause that is more than just building and selling homes.  It’s our present, our future and the dreams of many.  Today Steve is focusing all his efforts on building the BIOS brand and helping others promote the green side of their business. Steve is searching for others to partner with to make the world a little greener and affordable, because he knows full well the combination is required for the world to see real sustainable change.  Schappert now feels he can do more good by helping other companies with their marketing instead of handling all the operations himself.

Get the full story links, pictures and video via Steve Schappert.


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