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About Green Living Tips

January 1, 2012

About Green Living Tips

Welcome! I’m Michael Bloch, owner and editor of this site.

I just thought I’d take a few minutes to jot down what Green Living Tips is all about!

Living an earth-friendly life in a remote place has been a dream of mine for decades. It’s a long time to dream and I’ve come so close on several occasions in achieving that goal. Still, I persist as anticipation is half the thrill I’m told :).

I’m probably best known for my work via Taming the; web marketing and online business are also my passion, but for years I’ve wanted to put together a site like this, to not only share what I know, but also to learn from others.

I’ve been active in green business for 8 years and currently work for an Australian company that sells solar and wind power equipment, Energy Matters. I also operate a global warming resources site,

I warmly invite you to join me on my journey of discovery in learning about living a more environmentally friendly life; and I hope you’ll also teach me along the way.

I’ve published up a series of green living tips I have researched that I hope you find useful, and I do certainly encourage visitors to add to those through the comments section under each article. I fully realize that with some of the tips, I’ve only just scratched the surface and I look forward to building on them substantially, hopefully with your help ;).

Some people have referred to me as a “green guru”, but I’m nothing of the sort; so please bear that in mind when reading articles on this site.

While I have made many inroads into reducing my environmental impact, I’m still a long way off from living a green life. Just because I write about something, it doesn’t mean I am or am not doing it – at times it’s just a record of my research or opinions that I feel would be of interest to readers and something for me to refer back to when I’m ready to tackle that topic in my own life.

Aside from writing, I’m also active in a more hands-on fashion. In my youth, I was heavily involved with native fauna welfare – but life got in the way and I strayed from the eco-path for quite a while, forgetting about my passion for the most part while I pursued other things. Thankfully the green bug bit me again and in a big way a few years ago.

I’m currently a member of Trees for Life in Australia, have carried out a revegetation project and I also recently worked as a volunteer with the Department of Environment and Heritage and Friends of Parks on a project to help protect and clean up local bushland.

My revegetation project in Outback Australia

300 trees were propagated from seed and planted by hand.

If you have a handy hint that’s not on the site, please submit your%2

via About Green Living Tips.

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