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EMPLOYMENT with The Green Marketing Company

January 1, 2012


We are also expanding with partnerships and affiliates, so if you have a marketing related business we would love to hear from you.

Looking For A Rewarding Career?

Do you have experience and passion in the following areas?

Sales Consulting, Marketing, Printing, Accounting, Information Technology, Sustainability, Reputation Repair, Cost Reduction/Management Services.

We are building the core team, for a global organization that will teach people to well by doing good. We are looking for Leaders & self starters that can recognize an opportunity and take action.

Please send resumes to

Sales Representative Target Income $35,000 – $150,000 USD Plus Ownership in the company

To be calculated as follows: Printing, Accounting, Information Technology, Sustainability, Reputation Repair, Cost Reduction/Management Services are all referral services, the commission split is similar to real estate sales. The more you earn the higher your percentage.

Up to $35,000 40%

$35,001-45,000 50%

$45,001- $60,000 60%

$60,001-$100,000 65%

$100,000+ 70%

Consulting and Marketing services are provided in house and the commission will range between 10 and 20% of gross sales.

Paperless paychecks! We save on printing, envelopes and expense and you save gas driving to bank. Payments simply show up in your account.

Benefits and salary are available in 90 days.

You will be able to customize your compensation package if you prove your ability.

The Green Marketing Company will start canvassing Connecticut businesses in January.

We are a full service marketing firm that has a deep passion for all things green. We have a desire to leave the world a better place for the next generation. We also believe the world will change faster and for the better if people and corporations can do well by doing good. Our representatives will be trained to build relationships and the services they offer will include sales consulting, marketing, printing, accounting, information technology, sustainability, energy audits reputation repair and cost reduction/management services. If that sounds like an unusual mix please refer to the first line. We are a marketing company, we excel at networking and packaging stuff.

We have developed a Green business model in a box.

You supply the basic concept and we will help you sell and market your products, refine them, develop new ones, track you results, minimize the costs and your carbon foot print. This process has been developed to increase environmental awareness and make it very clear to the world that doing the right thing doesn’t have to hurt. Sustainability lowers waste and increases profits when done correctly. You will build deep bonds of loyalty with your customers while increasing brand awareness

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