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Energy Independent America: Now Is The Time For A New Energy Revolution

January 1, 2012

Now Is The Time For A New Energy Revolution

It is time for an energy revolution, and we must work together to change the world now. There is a crisis at hand that will effect the entire planet, in short order, it will endanger our very survival and the future of our children. It endangers our economy right now. We send our children overseas to protect oil reserves in foreign lands so those lands can hold us hostage for a gallon of gas. It is not right. We have the ability to become self sufficient, we must become self sufficient NOW!

It is time to take a stand, we don’t have 25 years for our automakers to catch up to China’s auto emission standards, that’s a joke! China does it today, we need to do it today. We need to start now, we need to change now, solar, wind, and hydro power are all clean and renewable and hydrogen is the most common element in the universe, we will never run out. Hydrogen powered fuel cells… great idea! Those are the long term answers, fossil fuel is going the way of the dinosaur and we will follow if we don’t wake up today.

Short term we need to focus on conservation and co-generation, the heat produced by our furnaces can create electricity affordably and on site. 74% of electricity is lost during transmission.

Nuclear… well if the plant doesn’t blow up, you still have all those barrels of waste to deal with. Burying the barrels to create another terrorist target, honestly is that really an answer we can live with? Ethanol, just another joke, either our farmlands are over taxed producing corn ethanol or we strip our topsoil everywhere by creating a market for cellulosic ethanol, either way, we loose. The biggest joke is the ethanol vehicles get roughly 27% less gas mileage than their all gas counterparts.

I challenge the world to work together to develop cold fusion without toxic waste.

I challenge the world to put solar panels on every building with a sunny exposure. I challenge the world to develop safe hydrogen power systems and I challenge the governments to actually do the right thing! I challenge everyone, everywhere to do one thing each day, spend some time alone and come up with a plan, a plan that may seem inconsequential, however when combined with everyone else, the tide will turn.

Things have to turn and it won’t happen by itself, we have to make it change now! Does anyone remember the 1984 Honda civic coupe, it got 67 miles to the gallon without a hybrid engine. It wasn’t rocket science, the cars were simply lighter. Gas is approaching five dollars a gallon and Detroit is re-launching their old line of heavy muscle cars, frankly they deserve to go bankrupt. The Prius is the flagship%

via Energy Independent America: Now Is The Time For A New Energy Revolution.

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