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Opportunities with The Green Marketing Company

January 1, 2012


Partners & Affiliates Print Shops Accounting Partners Tech Support Partners Employment

The Green Marketing Company has a rapid expansion plan.

We will utilize the following channels to grow in an orderly fashion.

We are looking for partners, affiliates and sales reps to join our network from around the globe.


We intend to partner with print shops to develop their sales both online and with our team of sales agents that we will recruit around the globe. The print shops will provide our brick and mortar while we develop the online side of the business. We will also team up with accountants and IT professionals to ensure our clients can maintain steady growth without loosing control.

Founder of The Green Marketing Company, Steve Schappert, was featured on TV 20 times last year, including a segment on Comcast’s On demand. Radio, news paper and blog posts too numerous to mention. The Green Marketing Company was born on August 15th 2011, within 10 days the website climbed to the first page on GOOGLE, BING and YAHOO, for green marketing…jumping ahead of 230,000,000 other sights We are now scheduled for an interview that will be featured on Green Marketing TV, and we are developing a work shop with Jacqueline Ottman, the world’s premier Green Marketing expert.


I know what I know and I know, I know nothing in the grand scheme of things. I am searching for seasoned professionals and those with heart and conviction to do the right thing. I am looking for others like me that would enjoy doing well by doing good. Is that you? I would love to hear from you!

Are you interested in being part of a team that learns and grows together for the benefit of humanity? We are The Green Marketing Company and we believe in standing up for the environment, our families and our future, and we won’t give up the fight!

The Green Marketing Company is structured with partners, associates and affiliates similar to a small law firm or accounting practice. Everyone owns their own business with a partial ownership in the organization. We are a division of The BIOS Organization LLC., promoting green products & services with research, development, education & entertainment. “Helping people do well by doing good.” Providing both accounting and marketing services allows us to help you with inventory control, track your budget and demand accountability from the dollars spent.


We are a social, mission driven organization dedicated to promoting all that is green, healthy, holistic, organic, sustainable and energy efficient. Our goal is to accomplish missions that are environmentally, socially and financially beneficial. Rather than maximizing shareholder profits, the main aim%

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