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Print it Green: Green Print Shops

January 1, 2012

The Green Marketing Company is

hiring a local sales force

to promote

printing and marketing services in your area.

We will be partnering with small and medium sized

print shops around the world to promote eco-friendly, green printing.

This is a simple one

page site to articulate the basic concept, every day I do a little more

and meet people smarter than I am that can help.


vision must be spoken, written and followed to succeed. It is

not enough to stare up at the clouds, we must train our dreams

to take flight in order to soar to new heights and rise above

our past. -Steve Schappert


We will team up with a print shop in each

town or city we expand into that will service all of our clients print


We will build and promote your online print shop and you

will add our brick and mortar.

We will build a network of print shops that covers

every country in the world.

We will service the

green print shop client’s online


We will hire local sales reps in each

area to promote a full line of green printing and marketing services.

We will help educate local print shops

about promoting eco – friendly print services.

We will help local

green print shops save money

by becoming more sustainable.

The Printing Industry Has Become Very


Diversification and going green can help you stay in the

black! The Green Marketing Company can add a full

service marketing department to your location and hire a

sales staff to promote you. What would it cost you to

hire and train a sales staff to canvas your local area/

With the competitive nature of printing and the ever

shrinking profit margins it becomes nearly impossible to

even pay for the gas. this is where we come in. We hire

the sales staff, train them and give them a full arsenal

of marketing products to sell, in addition to being a


via Print it Green: Green Print Shops.


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