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Reserve Your Territory Today With The Green Marketing Company!

January 1, 2012

We are searching for Sales Managers / Regional Leaders to open new markets.

Immediately, we are looking for leaders in every country in the world.

The Green Marketing Company will be exploding in 2012. One, just one person or entity will be granted exclusive territory and everyone else that comes in after will contribute to your profits. We are a social business enterprise with a profit share program. We are not a MLM / Multi Level Marketing business, but we learn from everyone. Exclusive territory means profits will stream through you from all other activity in your territory. You will not be limited to doing business in your territory, the world is your oyster. We will ask that you focus your efforts, for the greater good of the organization and your personal success. Actively marketing outside your territory means you are not focused on developing your specific territory, which will be frowned upon. Following up with friends and family anywhere will be encouraged. It’s that simple. There will be spreadsheet based commission splits that will spell out profits in your territory and your split outside your territory.


I just want to clear. As we build the team the knowledge base will increase exponentially and things will come together. Today I am offering the ability to reserve your territory at no cost. I need one leader for every country and one for every state. Not everyone will qualify. The most important attribute will be a genuine demonstrated passion to make the world a better place. The understanding that by helping others first you build a solid base for your long term happiness and success. We will make it simple for you, Do what we do, say what we say in your language and in your territory.


What can you bring to the table? Learn more about what I have built in the last few months starting with a 99 cent investment Take some time to reflect and ask yourself, what can I do to help? Don’t take too much time because territories will fill up fast. I am building a team, not looking for your hard-earned money. Two heads are better than one and 256 starts to make things happen.


Below is a a short outline of income projections, we are still adjusting it to allow you to recruit over your level and earn, this would inspire everyone to hire people with more ability and be able to earn from them.

Base Sales Rep –   200,000 in sales, $35,000 in commissions @17.5%
Town Leader –      1,050,000 in sales, $52,000 in commissions @5.0% with 5 base reps
County Leader –    2,140,000 in sales, $64.200 in commissions @ 3.0% with 10 base reps and 2 town leaders
State Leader –     11,470,000 in sales, $114.700 in commissions @ 1.0% with 50 base reps, 25 town leaders, and 5 county leaders
National Leader – 53,800,000 in sales, $269.000 in commissions @ 0.5% with 250 base reps, 250 town leaders, 25 county leaders, and 10 state leaders

A national leader with no staff makes no money!!!  All need to recruit… We are now working on commission tracking to allow everyone to recruit over them.This is simply an example everyone is encouraged and able to sell services and increase income.

To qualify I need three things,

1. A résumé

2. A picture

3.Your Facebook profile

If chosen Your BIO, picture and Facebook account will be added to the team site, currently being developed at http://Green-Marketing.US and http://Green-Marketing.WS

Twitter accounts will be created for you specific to your location. We will get to know each other and develop a profitable business together that teaches people to do well by doing good. There is much created already but I don’t want to over promise on day one.

What you will need is access to the internet. You will simply repost what I post. I will give you a list of twitter accounts. You will need a list of the counties in your territory. I will create a series of twitter accounts that you will use to advertise and recruit.

Your purpose: to help people do well by doing good. We provide marketing and sustainability products and services that help people save money and grow their business. Specifically you will recruit a sales team to work under you, some you will train and some will teach us. You will also market our products and services.

Step one is to build the twitter accounts this gets the word out quickly. I will then send out a press release locally, nationally that you are heading up the Green Marketing Team in your territory. We will work together to contact local print shops, typically one in each county but it depends on the population. Roughly one shop per 50,000 -70,000 population. The print shops will provide all the literature you will need when going to meet with businesses.

We are finalizing the initial product offerings now, if you sold a website package or reputation management services you would get paid when their check clears. The accountant will set up your bank account on our online payment system and money will be deposited directly in to your account.

The position is pretty much lead generation. We will train you on the different programs but the most important part is a warm smile and a hand shake. Your job is more lead generation than sales. The cost reduction and commercial finance people pay us per lead, so you need to point people to the products and trained experienced sales people will sell for you. Obviously, the more you know, the more of a warm and fuzzy feeling the customers will get in your recommendation.

Most importantly you can start his part-time and could even recruit 5 sales people before you lose your day job. To apply please use this form Thank you! Please fill out the form as completely as possible, we are experiencing rapid growth and to be considered we need to have all the information in one place thank you. The more we know about you the easier the hiring decision becomes.

I look forward to working with you!
Steve Schappert
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  1. GreenMarketingCompany permalink*
    January 11, 2012 3:43 pm

    Just to show we are willing to take the good with the bad. How would you improve it?

  2. DaveC permalink
    January 21, 2012 7:18 pm

    Connecticut is my Preferred Location

  3. February 13, 2012 9:11 am

    You have been waiting. Awaiting a change. Something to catalize the shift towards freedom, free energy, free health care, free medicine, freedom of choice. We are that freedom. We are the GREEN ARMY ! Army holds such a negative tone in today’s day and age. With today being at War with it’self on what seems to be a constant basis, based upon ideologies and the disgruntled past of men who have long left a legacy of destruction and devastation behind. But , we can rebuild. We need you though, to help us rebuild, it could be as simple as starting by planting trees or as grand as shifting the entire planet towards free energy. Want to drive a car without the use of fuel? What if I told you we could do it with WATER, yes WATER !!! B.I.O.S has done this, but the constraints of Government regulations and the control by the powers who think they be, have held it back far too long. Too many scientists have come forward to express themselves, teeming over with the knowledge that can not be stopped… THE TRUTH !!! As we aproach this new age of truth and technology, everyone from the FDA to MONSANTO to the OIL CZARS who stand in our way will fall like the Giants before them. We are the people, this is our Planet and there should be no reason why one should have to pay to live on the Planet they were born upon. No this isnt a reach for THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH PARTY, this is a reach out to you. You have asked for a sign, to come to your door even and loudly knock. Well guess what ? I’m knocking. Will you answer? Are you ready to answer? We are here to guide you into letting others know what exactly is taking place on all levels of development, across the planet in all forms. The Govt’ does not wish to step up and break the ties with the corporations who influence the status quo, we will, we will rebuild from the inside out acquireing and marketing only GREEN companies and services across all nations. Your change begins with you. I am just here to let you know you wont fall.

    Charles Nalepa , Ontario Leader THE GREEN MARKETING COMPANY


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