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The BIOS Museum of Health & Energy

January 1, 2012

The Museum in conjunction with the sponsoring tenants will provide exhibitions, special events, festivals, educational workshops, symposiums, performances, and conferences. These events will often be organized along with neighboring businesses to create awareness for the Center and

“To translate knowledge and information into experience:

that is the function of literature and art.” – Joseph Campbell

At The Bios Museum of health and the environment we will create an experience to translate information about the needs of our own personal health, and the well being of the planet, through the use of art, literature and various multi media, and technology displays. The Bios Museum will educate and inspire acceptance and understanding of the different ways in which we can live a healthier life while not taxing the resources of our planet. In addition to the Museum’s exhibit gallery learning space, the Museum will house: a Children’s Space, a Gift Store, and a school group/classroom facility. There will be a designated gallery featuring environmental art as well as displays throughout the building. The space will be filled with original works of art for sale and appreciation. Art will also be available for display and purchase online through The BIOS Center website.

Our Mission: Change the world and leave it a better place for future generations.

While this may seem like a lofty goal we firmly believe there is no better goal than to help people live better, healthier lives today while ensuring that future generations will be able to enjoy a better standard of living than we did.


We support balanced living by serving your most basic needs in a uniquely conscious and creative way that can lead to better health and increased happiness for you, your family and your community and, ultimately, a more peaceful planet for this generation and future generations. Our center provides an eco-friendly atmosphere for enlightened businesses to showcase their products, services and wares. Our center is a lively hub for people to meet, greet, retreat; educate, and awaken. Our mission is to nourish body, mind and spirit with healthy food; enriching educational activities; green living and holistic healthcare approaches, and conscious consumerism.


The Bios Building Technology Center will showcase the latest and greatest technologies as well as ancient secrets that have been forgotten over the years that can help you create a greener, healthier life. Office suites for businesses, such as building products and services will also be available on site to assist you with your projects. BIOS invites you to live a better life by living, working and playing in a green environment. BIOS can show you cost effective methods that ca

via socially responsible investments.


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