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The Green Marketing Company

January 1, 2012

The Green Marketing Company has a four step approach that can help you Evaluate Sustainability, Increase Profits, Promote Your Good Deeds & Grow Your Business. We are not your typical advertising agency. We can help you do well by doing good.

Our 4 Step Approach Can Help You:

1. Evaluate Sustainability

Our free sustainability report will review: Energy supply costs, usage, insulation and ventilation, water usage, waste management, reduction and recycling, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon foot print, employee health, wellness & safety, responsible and ethical sourcing and production of materials.

2. Increase Profits

We help you implement the improvements! 0 down and 0% financing is currently available for some improvements between $500 and $100,000. We focus on the most cost effective improvements first so you can do well by doing good! Switching your energy supplier can save you 10% with only a 2 minute investment. Once we verify your eligible for the program, establish objectives and analyze data we will meet with you to determine the best plan of attack for you. We then show you how to promote the good things you do to attract more customers.

3. Promote Your Good Deeds

Our most popular service is and where we are focusing our efforts are our online advertising packages for companies that are getting started with their online promotions. Included in our package is a custom, search engine optimized website, a WordPress blog, Twitter account, Facebook page and point of sale display, all for $150. This package is so popular we operate a separate website to promote it.

4. Grow Your Business

People Buy From You Because They Like You. The keys to green marketing: plant the seeds of awareness, cultivate your relationships, fertilize with education, plow through your competition and reap the rewards. Our sustainable approach to business development helps you create deep bonds of loyalty from your customers. Affordable green solutions will inspire real change. Our goal is to promote humanity through the use of social business enterprise, or teaching people to do well by doing good.

“Keep growing, keep stepping forward, persistence conquers all, there is no replacement, not talent, genius, or education… nothing comes close. Persistence is born of passion and determination and can be found at the root of every great human achievement. When persistence is fueled by the heart, there are no limits to your success. Determine the object of your desire and get started today” ~ Steve Schappert

via The Green Marketing Company.

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