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The Green Marketing Company: Sustainability Equals Profitability

January 1, 2012

How Sustainability Becomes Profitability

Our Company

The Green Marketing Company designs innovative, balance sheet-focused corporate sustainability programs tailored to our clients’ specific opportunities for cost reduction, revenue generation, competitive distinction, market dominance and shareholder value creation. For decades, environmental NGOs, think tanks and government groups have called on businesses to reduce their environmental impact. These groups have gained some traction over time and certain companies have shifted specific practices and phraseologies on these issues over the past few years.

However, if the environmental movement’s intention was to bring about the full embrace of carbon reduction and environmental restoration as a top business priority for corporations, then the impact of the movement has fallen far short of its intended goals. Some members of the business sector have adjusted their marketing approaches and made minor adjustments to their business processes. But unfortunately, these shifts tend to lead to a host of unsatisfying results, including:

1. Trivial accomplishments claimed as major victories

2. Expensive programs that reduce environmental harm while increasing cost, strengthening the perception that pro-environment projects are contrary to business value creation.

3. Pure public relations programs that ignore opportunities for operational shift, increase costs, and have no positive impact on the environment itself (so-called “green-washing”) As a result, a growing public concern over the harmful environmental consequences of industrialization, carbon emissions and the degradation of natural resources is driving consumers and citizen groups to look more critically at corporate resource management.

Why Sustainability?

As is evident from the current economic stagnation, the vast majority of large U.S. public companies have left the enormous business value opportunity of environmental sustainability untouched. If this transformational business opportunity continues to be ignored by corporations and environmental leaders, the current environmental movement will be doomed to a noisy failure— capable of drawing attention to the continuing degradation and mismanagement of the world’s resources but powerless to stop this disintegration from happening.

However, if businesses embrace resource sustainability and environmental restoration as a critical methodology for value creation, both the economy and the environment stand to gain vast benefits.

Why Us?

The Green Marketing Company team is a group of business leaders with a proven track record of implementing enterprise-wide, global corporate sustainability initiatives that create accelerated revenue growth, cost reduction, competitive distinction and share value growth. From operations, logistics and manufacturing to new product/market development, industry dominance and ri

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