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Vision and Mission | GreenBizGroup

January 1, 2012

Vision and MissionOur mission is to provide clear, concise, accurate, and balanced information, resources, and learning opportunities to help companies of all sizes and sectors integrate environmental responsibility into their operations in a manner that supports profitable business practices.Our goals are to:Be the leading source of news and opinion on business and the environment.Serve as an information clearinghouse on green business practices, offering resources from companies, nongovernmental organizations, trade associations, government agencies, academic institutions, and thought leaders.Help readers turn information into knowledge and action by providing hands-on tools, expert advice, and case studies.Provide access to environmental sources and products.Facilitate increased communication, information sharing, and learning among green professionals and other interested parties.Promote increased understanding of green business practices to government entities, nongovernmental organizations, news media, investors, students and academics, and the public at large.Provide deep, vertical coverage of green business by sector and job function, ranging from product design to facility management, information technology to branding and marketing.What We BelieveA revolution is taking place that is leading companies of all sizes and sectors to comprehensively address environmental issues as part of their strategy and operations — rethinking their policies, processes, and products, and their relationships with a variety of stakeholders and trading partners.Environmental concerns have resulted in a confluence of technologies, innovations, and creative thinking being unleashed that is enabling companies to transform such challenges into new business opportunities and competitive advantage.Companies address their environmental impacts in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons — some voluntarily and others less so — but all should be welcome and encouraged, regardless of their motivations or levels of commitment.Companies that go beyond society’s regulations and expectations in addressing their environmental challenges often find that they can create new forms of business value, including both tangible and intangible measures of success.Those working inside companies — from owners and bosses to managers and line employees — overwhelmingly want their companies to be good corporate citizens, though most individuals lack the time, expertise, or resources to make significant changes.No company, even the most committed, will ever be perfect, from an environmental perspective, though they should be encouraged to continually improve their performance, and to make bold commitments and actions.Companies can be a powerful force for good, helping to solve the planet’s and society’s most pressing problems — and do so in a way that aligns with their business goals and objectives.The time for companies to act is short, and the challenges are great — but so are the opportun

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