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Green Lists or the Price of Environmental Hip Status

January 2, 2012

Green Lists or the Price of Environmental Hip Status 
Renovated spaces v Right-sized space Design Green Intelligent Healthy non toxic natural materials Energy Star Appliances) Efficiency (Energy Day-light spaces Water efficient showers heads, sinks) fixtures (Toilets, Quality Construction Recycled materials & salvaged items from older homes Local Materials and landscaping utilizing local plants Organic land care Southern orientation of the house Limited or no use of plastics (especially PVC) asphalt Limited or no use of Pleasing spaces gracefully integrated with nature. We are in process of building an online directory of Green Products. Please check back as we bring you links to the following categories of products and services.1. Alternative Building Materials 2. Architectural a. Residential b. Small Commercial c. Large Commercial, Government & Institutional 3. Building contractors. Residential b. Small Commercial c. Large Commercial, Government & Institutional 4. Building Control Systems 5. Building Maintenance 6. Cleaning Products 7. Commissioning 8. Consulting 9. Connecticut Produced Products 10. Day Lighting 11. Design Services a. Residential b. Small Commercial c. Large Commercial, Government & Institutional 12. Educational 13. Electricians 14. Energy Audit Services 15. Energy Efficiency 16. Energy Efficient Products 17. Energy Modeling 18. Engineering Services a. Residential b. Small Commercial c. Large Commercial, Government & Institutional 19. Environmental Remediation 20. Financial Services 21. Flooring 22. Furniture 23. Governmental 24. Green Electricity 25. Green Retailers 26. Healthy Products 27. Home Inspections 28. Indoor Air Quality 29. HVAC 30. Interior Design 31. Insulation 32. Land Use 33. Landscape Architecture 34. Landscape Design/Construction 35. Landscape Plants & Materials 36. Legal 37. LEED™ Accreditation/Consulting 38. Lighting Design 39. Lighting Products 40. Lumber 41. Natural Gas 42. Not-for-Profit 43. Office Equipment 44. Organic Land Care 45. Organic Products 46. Paints & Coatings 47. Plumbers 48. Real Estate Services 49. Recycling & Waste Management 50. Recycled Materials & Products 51. Renewable Energy 52. Remodeling 53. Research 54. Retailers 55. Roofing Materials 56. Site Planning 57. Solid Waste 58. Solar 59. Transportation 60. Wall Coverings 61. Wastewater 62. Water Heating 63. Water Management 64. Water Conservation 65. Wind 66. Windows 67. Wood Products I put this list together off of the Connecticut Green Building Association site. These elements were all listed as being key to building green. So, I would love folks to chime in, item by item, as to what they think it would cost EXTRA (above and beyond normal construction costs without a “green” agenda} per square foot, say to add these elements properly. There are, of course, multiple elements within elements, and I am sure there are folks out there who know exactly what all of the water management costs of going green are, but haven’t a clue about environmentally friendly flooring. That’s fine. Just chime in on what it is you do know. That would be extremely helpful.I realize I have set this up like I have a bet on it. “Hey, Bud, I think it will cost only x dollars/ square foot to go whole hog green.” “No, f’in’ way! It’ll cost twice that if a penny.” “Wanna bet?”No, that isn’t the impetus for this, but it sure as shootin’ could be. Just navigating through the particutlars about a topic I blogged earlier about Green being the province of the spoiled rich when it should be directed toward the affordable housing set instead. Anyway, let’s see what we come up with and go from there.  – Miles Shapio

via Building A Zero Energy Home.


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