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The BIOS Center: A Green Living Expo

January 2, 2012

The BIOS Center will be a Mecca, the world over for healthy living and green building technologies. It addresses the needs of our mind, body, heart and soul today, while teaching us to preserve the future for our children and our children’s children. The BIOS Center represents a better way of life for both current and future generations. A place to heal the wounds of our past, plant seeds for the future and learn to live today to the fullest.

 The first BIOS Center (under construction) located at 72 Railroad Street in New Milford is a beacon that draws people from around the world with a unique array of offerings that can help people live lightly on the earth while bringing peace, prosperity, joy and balance to our planet.

The Six Pillars: of our center will include a museum, healthy living center, building technology center, eco- friendly retail shop, a real estate and finance center, and the BIOS service network of green contractors. BIOS, is the Greek word for life. BIOS is more than a brand it is a philosophy, you can do well by doing good. By showing the world they can do well by doing good you can change lives and change the world. A unique combination of technology, art and literature brought together by artists, health practitioners and business people to assist you in creating a healthier, happier and wealthier life. BIOS founder, Steve Schappert is bringing together a group of highly regarded and established real estate and financial services professionals, contracting and design professionals, artists, independent store owners and specialty merchants, dedicated to a greener, healthier life, collectively interacting, networking and conducting business. Our center provides an eco-friendly atmosphere for enlightened businesses to showcase their products, services and wares.

Our Mission: is to nourish body, mind and spirit with healthy food; enriching educational activities; green living and holistic healthcare approaches, and conscious consumerism. The entire building will showcase art and literature from artists the world over for sale and enjoyment that promote living in harmony with the environment.

Each level is unique and specifically designed to successfully accommodate the increasing demands for affordable:


• Professional state-of-the-art office space

Office suite concept where you pick and choose the services you need.


Retail and specialty merchant space.



Leasing space from The Bios Center provides tenants with superior advantages over leasing space elsewhere through an innovative and proprietary Direct-2-Market leasing program. This program was specifically developed to integrate the individual creativity of business owners, professionals and artists, and connect them directly to the mainstream marketplace through:

• On-site store owners and specialty merchants

• Monthly gallery events, green building seminars and upscale facility functions

• The Bios Center’s virtual storefront/website

• Quarterly direct mail catalogs and special offers

• Local print advertising and promotion campaigns

• Franchised shopping galleries nationwide (to be developed)

The host of marketing and retail opportunities listed above are included within the Direct-2-Market leasing program at a fraction of what it would cost to initiate them independently.

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Facility Features

Level-One:Providing substantial commercial and retail opportunities is the goal here. Consumer curiosity and enthusiasm to hunt and gather merchandise is encouraged by creatively integrating the myriad of store fronts and specialty merchants into the existing maze-like floor plan. Tenants strongly encouraged to occupy level-one are those selling alternative energy systems, lighting, furniture, decorative accessories, health food and services, etc.

Additional features on level-one include:


• Expansive art galleries that will house major exhibitions, and provide a convenient and attractive venue for The Bios Center creative and visiting artists to showcase and sell their work. The hall ways of the building will be adorned with Art for sale and viewing.


• Several quaint cafés are located with in walking distance of the building subtlety invites customers to sit and enjoy a sandwich, a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine and contemplate another visit or to reflect upon their recent purchase.



Lower Level:

Building Technology Showroom, filled with displays from over 50 different contractors and building supply companies. The freedom to explore, the world of alternative energy and futuristic, highly efficient building products is the goal here. Contractors, building supply and energy companies are provided with a breathtaking shared showroom space featuring a 10 ‘ ceilings, exposed brick and beams, a state of the art smart home system, and the worlds first commercial hydrogen power system. A media-room outfitted with a copier, fax machine, and computers with internet access providing long-distance interaction and research capabilities. Ideal for various seminars held by the tenants on a continual basis.


A high-energy work environment providing multiple-streams of creative opportunity, collaborative ventures, and exchanging of ideas is the goal here. Creative professionals are provided with fully equipped, state-of-the-art office spaces, and can be modified as their business expands. Open floor plans, long views are the norm at this level. Tenants encouraged to occupy level-two of the building are architects, real estate, insurance and finance companies, designers, decorators and contractors.

Additional features on level-two include:



• Conference room

• Fax Machine and Copier

• T-1 High speed Internet access

• UPS and FedEx pick-up and delivery


• Private storage facilities


Background Information:While the majority of the US economy is faltering, the green building market, still only a few years old, is flourishing. People everywhere desire to live a healthy lifestyle. Energy Efficient homes are in greater demand, now more than ever. Today, one Connecticut company is leading the way in building and maintaining houses that help the environment and save money.. The Bios Center, with its healthy lifestyle center, Green building technology center and art gallery, will inspire, entertain and educate the public and change the way the world thinks about how we interact with our planet.

Goals and Objectives: There are four goals of The Bios Center and one major objective:




1) Create a unique, highly regarded, professional/creative/retail facility providing a high-energy, high-traffic environment of inspiration and opportunity.

2) Differentiate The Bios Building Technology Center from other creative facilities and art centers.


3) Inspire a community-like environment rich with creativity, texture, diversity and energy.


4) Educate and entertain our members, sponsors, and visitors with ongoing workshops, classes and upscale events.




1) Aggressively position The Bios Center prominently within the market, establish brand loyalty, and become recognized as the regions premiere source for Green building and healthy lifestyles, fusing art and nature to create a better life for all. Provide independent professionals, store owners and specialty merchants to collectively interact, network and conduct business.



Our Foundation is located at 72 Railroad Street New Milford CT 06776

via The BIOS Center.

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