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The BIOS Health & Wellness Center

January 2, 2012

The Health & Wellness Center

Food, Shelter, Health, Relaxation, Realization


We support balanced living by serving your most basic needs in a uniquely conscious and creative way that can lead to better health and increased happiness for you, your family and your community and, ultimately, a more peaceful planet for this generation and future generations. Our center provides an eco-friendly atmosphere for enlightened businesses to showcase their products, services and wares. Our center is a lively hub for people to meet, greet, retreat; educate, and awaken. Our mission is to nourish body, mind and spirit with healthy food; enriching educational activities; green living, holistic healthcare approaches, and conscious consumerism. The entire building will showcase art from local artists for sale and enjoyment.

Our residential units allow us to provide home office opportunities or with a slight zoning change overnight capabilities for up to 24 people. Enhancing our abilities to provide extended seminars and health programs. Patients and their families can visit, attend health programs, receive psychological counseling, go walking, hiking, kayaking, biking, dining all near by, movie theaters, playhouses, health clubs and dance studios are nearby.

Supporting information for the BIOS Health and wellness concept can be found on Planetree’s website

Planetree’s approach is holistic and encourages healing in all dimensions – mental, emotional, spiritual and social, as well as physical. It seeks to maximize health care outcomes by integrating optimal medical therapies. Access to arts and nature are also incorporated into the healing environment. The Planetree Model recognizes the importance of architectural and interior design in the healing process. A growing body of scientific data points to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction as a result of design factors which are home-like, barrier free, support patient dignity and encourage family participation in care. Facility designs utilizing Planetree’s principles result in life-enhancing, healing environments. Music, storytellers, clowns, and funny movies create an atmosphere of serenity and playfulness in the Planetree Model. Artwork in patient rooms, treatment areas and on art carts add to the ambiance. Volunteers work with patients who would like to create their own art, while involvement from artists, musicians, poets and story tellers from the local community help to expand the boundaries of the health care facility.

“If you knew how much work went into it, you wouldn’t call it genius.” ~Michelangelo

The four pillars of our center include:


Holistic Healthcare Consortium



The healthcare consortium will house a variety of healthcare practitioners who understand and value the importance of treating the whole person – body, mind and spirit. The Center welcomes holistically minded nutritionists, medical doctors, alternative practitioners, psychotherapists and life coaches who are passionate but not dogmatic in their approach to facilitating the healing process.

Retail for the Conscious Consumer

Shelter: Bios Building Technologies

    • Panelized Building Systems – a cost-effective “green” construction technique that utilizes advanced technology, quality materials and a controlled work environment to build wall panels and construct energy-efficient, durable homes and buildings in less time with less waste at affordable prices


  • Alternative Energy Systems – supplying and implementing alternative power sources, including hydrogen


    • , geothermal, solar, fuel cell, photovoltaic, electric, wind and hydro methodsSustainable Landscaping – provides design solutions while preserving natural resources, including the diverting of rain water; green roof technology; environmental restoration; conservation planning, and wetlands mitigation


  • Environmentally Friendly Insulation – non-toxic insulation materials that do no damage to the environment during creation and end use , including soy Icynene, cellulose and rag wool materials

  • Eco Interior Decorating – interior decorating that utilizes organic materials that are sustainable and that promote indoor air quality


  • Real Estate & Finance Center – Sales, Rentals, Insurance, Mortgage and commercial finance,

The building itself is the only solar-powered building in a historic district in the USA. It contains 170 solar panels and the world’s first hydrogen power system in a commercial building. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the building is economically attractive to tenants in that these advanced building technologies obviate the need to pay monthly utilities. The Green Building Technology Center will share resources with individuals who want to build green homes and buildings at an affordable price. The Center will hold seminars for homeowners, builders and developers who want to learn about the economic advantages of building green and provide links to industry leaders who can help manifest these ideas.

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  1. January 21, 2012 12:38 am

    Among them are Biomass, Geothermal, hydro power generation, wind and solar energy generation systems.


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