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Inspire & Motivate People

January 31, 2012

Inspire & Motivate People

You may or may not agree with Barack Obama’s policies, but no one can deny that the inspiration he sparked in people helped him win the race to the White House in a historic & decisive manner.People are emotional creatures. Not only is our decision-making influenced by what we feel, we get an energy boost from strong emotions.When you’re able to inspire and motivate people, particularly when they need it, you leave a mark. Want proof?Rod Weckworth used inspiration as his secret weapon while at Rex Moore. He sent out a weekly newsletter called Rod’s Ponders. It contained 7 inspirational quote of the days that all helped the reader feel good, inspired & got them thinking. His clients thanked him for it and asked him to continue. They also asked him to send it to a few friends of theirs. By the time he retired from Rex Moore in 1999, they were sending out 15,000 copies of Rod’s Ponders every week.Another example of providing inspiration & motivation are blogs that feature companies/people that are successful. For example, is a website where Andrew Warner shares his interviews with people who have successfully built Internet businesses. In addition to educating people on how to build a good business, through his interviews, Andrew is exposing people to what success might look & feel like. When you see someone doing what you’re trying to do and you see that they did become successful, you have hope that you too might be successful.CALL TO ACTION:Decide if this tactic is right for you.If it is, list out how you plan to inspire & motivate people.I suggest looking into the services offered by Rod Weckworth’s new company, Ponders & Principles. They help companies use Rod’s secret sauce of inspiration through quotes. You can learn more about it at you somehow put a spotlight on success stories that could inspire & motivate others?

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