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Pink Monkey Water – Our Story

May 10, 2012

The Pink Monkey Story

Every good name has a great story. Pink Monkey Water was born when our daughter came into the world in November 2009, 3 ½ months early, 1 pound 11 ounces, under developed, sick and on the cusp of not being viable. We had been through this scenario a year and a half before with disastrous results. We were devastated as we knew first hand the minimal chances of survival she had. She was in the excellent hands of the doctors, nurses and staff of the NICU at the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical Center. They gave her the best care and pulled her through. We were lucky and got to take her home in March of 2010.

While in the hospital, she was very pink and wiggly and we started calling her our little pink monkey. She had good days and bad days and after some heart surgery she started making progress. We sat with her every day. We talked to her and let her know how much we loved our little pink monkey.

Sitting next to our daughter’s incubator, listening to the hum of ventilators and the hub bub of a busy NICU for hours on end, we started to talk about how special she was and building a legacy for her and what we could do for other children, especially those in need.

During those long hours we noticed the voluminous amounts of plastics from supplies that were tossed in the trash – even the plastic water bottles in our own hands. Then we started thinking about the millions and billions of plastic water bottles that are tossed away every year. Coupled with our concern for the environment and desire to create a legacy that would benefit children’s charities we decided to launch a bottled water company. So we set out to find earth friendly plastics and organic ingredients. Since we were also doing this for our daughter, we decided to name our company Pink Monkey Water!

We have made a commitment to be a friend and good steward to the environment by using earth friendly plastics and to children through charitable contributions. We vow to use earth friendly plastics that will biodegrade in our landfills, fill our bottles with delicious spring water and use organic and other high quality ingredients in all our other products.

We hope you will drink Pink Monkey Water.

Nancy & Angelo


Pink Monkey Water

via Pink Monkey Water – Our Story.

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