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EcoMedia Model Converts Advertising Dollars into Social Good

July 29, 2012

A Greener Big Apple

By Michelle Hardy

Last year, U.S. advertisers spent about $60 billion in television and approximately $30 billion online. Such inflated funds for fleeting, intangible messages leave a lot of room for waste.

But what if brands could use ads to create sustainable energy infrastructure, new jobs for the unemployed, and savings for taxpayers? And what if they did so without using any money outside of their existing marketing budget?

EcoMedia, a CBS company, found a way to do just that by using a model for “eco-friendly” advertising that’s truly groundbreaking—literally; their ads fund reforestation projects and the planting of gardens, after all.

The concept is simple: When a brand wants to buy ad space on CBS network television, local affiliate stations, radio stations, or digital platforms, they can do so through EcoMedia and have part of the cost allocated to community projects in the regions in which the ad…

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