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Local Marketing Consultant Receives International Spotlight

August 13, 2012

Local Marketing Consultant Receives International Spotlight

Aug 9

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Steve Schappert, one of a handful of marketing professionals from around the world, has been invited to speak on green marketing concepts at Eafit University’s 10th Marketing Congress (Conamerc 2012) September 27-28 in Medellin, Columbia. Eafit University, one of Columbia’s largest, is a highly regarded private university with curriculum that provides students with direct access to the outside world while equipping them with knowledge that legitimizes the human/ethical component, supported by new technologies.

As the featured speaker for green marketing, Schappert will present basic concepts of green marketing, which include, in simplest terms, doing well by doing good.

“In green marketing, companies take environmental, employee, and consumer factors into consideration throughout the product cycle,” explains Schappert, CEO of The BIOS Organization LLC., parent company of THE GOOD WORD and The Green Marketing Company. “Once a company or organization takes those steps, the final outcome is better all around — better for the company, better for the community, better for planet, and better for the bottom line.”

With a no-nonsense, back-to-basics approach, Schappert has developed a unique ability to break down complex concepts into simple, easily understood ideas that make sense to audiences of all ages.

“I developed this ability while overcoming a traumatic brain injury,” says Schappert. “I now learn slowly but deeply, and it forces me to break everything down into base elements, which are easy to convey to others. Once you do that, life becomes easier, and business makes more sense.”

Steve created The Green Marketing Company last August when he combined his passion for the environment with his marketing skills. Projects like GreenFest, The BIOS WaterCar, and THE GOOD WORD have brought Schappert worldwide recognition.  THE GOOD WORD  has registered blogs for every town in CT, every state in the country and for 50 countries around the world.

“It’s a privilege to be sharing the stage with outstanding speakers and world-renowned marketing professionals at Eafit University’s international conference,” says Schappert. Conamerc 2012 gives participants opportunities to know and live new trends in marketing. Other speakers include Mark Ross-Innes from 2E2, a major UK company specializing in customer relations management software;  Carolina Rogoll, responsible for brand building for Proctor and Gamble; and Eduardo Sebriano, general manager for one of the most influential marketing groups in Argentina.

“I have done quite a bit of teaching and public speaking over the last four years,” says Schappert, “Yet, on an international scale, this conference will be a highlight. It reminds me of how small this world is and how we can all come together to make something good happen.”

In addition to initiating and developing THE GOOD WORD and The Green Marketing Company in the last few years, Schappert has taught energy conservation to grades 3-6 at Barkhemsted Elementary School in Barkhemsted, Connecticut; environmental science to grades 7-9 at the Sound School in New Haven,Connecticut; sustainable business practices at Gateway College in North Haven, Connecticut; green building at the 2007  National Real Estate convention, sponsored by the National Association of Buyer Agents in Las Vegas; and advances in science education for a masters level class in elementary education at Yale Peabody.

Read more about the event at

Contact Schappert to learn more about how you can implement green marketing practices into your business by calling 203-994-3950 or emailing

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