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The future is still evolving, as we recruit partners; however, the current outline already out ranks about 41,800,000 websites that are competing for the first page on GOOGLE  for the term “Green Marketing”.  Within 10 days of registering the site we had two links on the first page of GOOGLE and made the cut for the first page on BING and YAHOO, competing against 230,000,000 websites.. We Can Get You Noticed!
Simply having a website isn’t enough, you need an optimized website, or you will spend a fortune on advertising.

Introducing: The Green Marketing Company
Founder, Steve Schappert has been featured on TV & radio over 20 times in the last year, and Comcast now offers his story On-Demand under the title “Green Scenes”.  Steve taught a master’s class at Yale Peabody on his green living philosophy,  a class on sustainable business practices at Gateway College, and was the green building speaker at the national real estate convention in 2007. Over the years Steve’s businesses have been featured in international trade publications for customer service and recommended by Woman’s Day Magazine. Now Steve can teach you how to make your business stand out in a crowded market place. The Green Marketing Company can help your business grow. The key to green marketing; plant the seeds, cultivate your relationships, fertilize with education, plow through your competition and reap the rewards. The Green Marketing Company examines how your business can be more sustainable, increasing profits that can be invested in marketing efforts that promote the good things you do, increasing your business, so you can do more good.

The Green Marketing Company is structured with partners, associates and affiliates similar to a small law firm or accounting practice. Everyone owns their own business with a partial ownership in the organization. We are a division of The BIOS Organization LLC.,  promoting green products & services with research, development, education & entertainment. “Helping people do well by doing good.”  Providing both accounting and marketing services allows us to help you with inventory control, track your budget and demand accountability from the dollars spent.

We are a social, mission driven organization dedicated to promoting all that is green, healthy, holistic, organic, sustainable and energy efficient. Our goal is to accomplish missions that are environmentally, socially and financially beneficial.  Rather than maximizing shareholder profits, the main aim of BIOS is to generate profit to further our social and or environmental goals. This provides consistent returns and increased brand loyalty by building deep bonds of trust and respect from customers, employees, investors and suppliers. The profit from BIOS will be used to support social programs such as affordable housing, organic farming, alternative energy, education and research, to name a few.  We are currently searching for office space in the greater New Milford area of Connecticut.

The organization was founded by Thomas P. Burke and Stephen E. Schappert in the spring of 2011.  Learn more about the BIOS board of advisors.

Our website is

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