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5 Tricks to Effective Facebook Advertising

October 23, 2011

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Fast Tips For Your First Facebook Ads

by Renee Warren on 25.07.2011

Creating the ideal converting ad on any platform can be tricky. I know it! Having tried Linkedin, Google, and Facebook advertising platforms I found it tricky to find the right fit.

In creating online ads, it’s up to you to make them appeal to who you are targeting, but also to keeping an eye on the daily results.

Below I have summarized the top five tricks I use to increase my Facebook ad conversions.

1. Art and Copy combo must be ‘wack’

No doubt using the best image and copy combination will result in high conversions. But what are the tricks?

a. Use less copy

b. Use simple and bright images

Which convert best? According to SearchEngineLand the top three converting images are:

a. Happy women

b. Colorful logos

c. Headshots

2. Target Interests and Demographics

You can chose to narrow your focus down to qualify your leads, or you can make your ads available to those beyond your demographic. Your choice, but I recommend narrowing your demographic, locations, and interest to the most relevant.

Example, if you are a boutique shop located in a small community but know to get visitors from surrounding cities or communities, make sure to target those cities and outside regions in your ads.

However, avoid creating a reach that is too small. If you are targeting soccer players for a new league, for example, do some research to find out what other sports or activities those soccer players like. Maybe it’s hockey or golf, and be sure to include those in your interests.

3. Change Your Creative Often

This is one of the best tactics to getting more clicks. Change up your art and/or copy everyday. When creating your series of ads be sure to use the same interests and demographics. Then see what ads are performing best.

For those underperforming be sure to change the art and/or copy to increase clicks. Check back the next day. If you don’t see an improvement change it up again, or pause/delete the ad altogether.

Also, keep a close eye on your performing ads as clicks will start to diminish within a few days. Spice it up by swapping in a new image. Keep it fun.

4. Have A Spending Level Strategy

This is completely up to you and your bank account, but the more you spend, obviously, the higher your potential reach or clicks. I am cheap so like to spend $20-50/day over a two-week campaign. It works for me because I follow the above steps. However, if you have high expectations for your camp

via 5 Tricks to Effective Facebook Advertising.


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